Linux Course Content

What is linux and why linux?, About software licencing, Linux Architecture, Setup Lab environment, Linux installation, Linux GUI & CLI, Linux networking and trublshooting, Linux Boot Process, Password Recovery, Secure GRUB, Basic and advanced command, vim editors, Introduction to Bash Shell and use

Adding User Account, Adding Group, Modifying / Deleting User Accounts, Group Administration, Password Aging Policies, Switching Accounts, Sudo access, Linux Permissions on file and directory, Permission concept, SUID, SGID, Sticky Bit, Changing file ownership, Changing file group ownership, Access Control Lists (ACLs), Linux File system explain

RPM Package Manager, Installing and Removing , queries,  verify, rpm help, YUM explain , Local and Remote repository, mount ISO media, yum command install, remove, list, info, package dependency, Pacakge upgrade and downgrade, 

Network Time Protocol, Virtual Network Computing(VNC) server, Services and Daemon, Windows to Linux remote access, Linux to Linux remote access, Linux to windows remote access, SSH(Secure Shell) server,allow deny system access for user, Passwordless SSH connection, Key based authentication,  transer file remotely, rsync, SCP, winscp, Explain Cron Jobs, Schedule tasks using Cron, DHCP Server implementation

Partition concepts, Creating and managing partition, Filesystem types, command knowledge(fdisk, mkfs, df, mount, e2fsck, stat, lsblk), /etc/fstab file explain, Swap partition, Share Windows drive in Linux,  Logical Volume Manager(LVM),  NFS server, Inode, Softlink & Hardlink, RAID concept explain

File Server Concepts, Samba installation, Share Directory using Samba, Directory user wise, Common direcotry share, Access samba share from windows and Linux, Implement ACL permission in Samba, Samba Security, Install Webmin and Usermin tool, Manage Samba from web, Create Samba backup

DNS Concepts, Installation and configuration of DNS Service, Live Understanding of Registrar and DNS Hosting Techniques, DNS Caching server, DNS Troublshooting, DNS Security, Explain about webserver and how it works, Live Webserver hosting technique, Install Apache HTTP server, Apache configuration understanding, Apache Name Base and IP base VirtualHosting, Apache Indexing, understanding of htaccess file,  SSL implementing, Apache Security and tuning

Database concepts, MariaDB installation, creating database, important database queries, Backup & restore operations, Phpmyadmin installation, How to use database using Phpmyadmin, securing Phpmyadmin, database security, LAMP(Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP) Installation, php.ini file understanding

Squid Proxy server implementation based on industrial pattern, Install and configure proxy server, allow & deny webside netwok wise, URL rediection, proxy authentication, internet monitoring, implementation of Sarg tool, Use Linux as a router, Proxy as a caching server for fast internet surfing

Mailing system Concept based on industrial implement, implementing postfix MTA, Sending email on local mailbox and on public domain, Understanding Emaiil Queue, Email Header, Email Forwarding, Alias, Transport rule, Posfix SMART Host authentication,  Implementing of Antivius in Postfix, Email server security understanding RBL/PBL, SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Important command for shell script use (Awk, Sed, grep, wc, cut, paste, uniq, sort, diff, head, tail, less more, nc etc.), Input/Output redirectioin and regular expression, Shell script loop if, if else, for, while and nesteding loop, Archive, compress, unpack and uncompress files using tar, zip, gzip etc, Data backup using tar, zip and cron implementation

Firewall Concepts, Implenting iptables firewall, Implementing firewalld, how to use firewall command, Securing Server using firewall, Securing port and services, Allowing denying network, Pfsense firewall implentation, Pfsense fiewall use as a gateway device in production environment

Datacenter Implementation and Virtulization Concept, Installing and configuration of KVM virtulization, Create Virtual Maching, Adding Disk in Virtual Mahine, Backup and restore, Implementing of Vmware Vsphare

Course rivision, test after finishing course, Extra class for Interview preapration, Resume Preapration, Help in Placement.